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Bio Nutri Lift

What is Bio nutri lift?
BIO NUTRI LIFT is innovative combination of moisturizing and nourishing Hydra Booster with Lift Booster procedures. Thanks to synergy using of both, BIO NUTRI LIFT ensures multilevel moisturizing of all skin and epidermis layers.

What happens in the treatment?
During the treatment, the patient is injected with a filler, a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel to smooth superficial wrinkles and gives an immediate lifting effect.
Nctf 135HA, a highly complementary solution is also used to revitalize the collagen and the fibres of the skin. It contains 53 ingredients which help to reboot connective cells activity, and ultimately slows down ageing . These two products give best results when used together during the same session for optimal results- It is called “BIO NUTRI LIFT” protocol.

What is BIO NUTRI LIFT for?
The treatment rebuilds the skins structure, improves skins density, smooths superficial wrinkles, firms the skin and brightens. Who

What is the treatment for?
It is recommended to persons with thin, slack and dehydrated skin, which need nutrition and lift, to persons with grey skin, which needs recovery and brightening, thanks to lift features it helps to restore youthful face contour, it is also perfect preventive procedure for people who want to delay ageing process.

What is the downtime?
Chances of minimal bruising where the needle is inserted, results can be takea few weeks to be at their best.