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Nipple Correction

Nipple correction surgery is performed to treat inverted or enlarged nipples. The technique used depends on the patient. Nipple correction surgery is carried out mostly under local anesthetic. Inverted nipples are corrected by making a small cut on the outer side of the nipple. Milk ducts are stretched, and the nipple is released from the duct. The nipple is then stitched back into position using a dissolvable suture.

Areola Reduction

  • Inverted Nipple
  • Nipple Lift


  • You will have at least 2 consultations before your surgery.
  • During your first consultation the reasons for, feasibility and expectations of the operation will be discussed. A series of breast and chest measurements will be made and noted.
  • Standardized photographs will be taken with your consent.
  • If you take aspirin or NSAIDS (e.g. Ibuprofen) then you should stop these at least 1 week prior to your surgery. These drugs serve to thin the blood and predispose you to a higher risk of bleeding during and after the operation.
  • If you are a smoker, you should stop at least 4 weeks prior to your surgery.


  • This will be performed under a local anesthetic (that is, you will put to sleep by an experienced consultant anesthetist). Most patients are able to go home on the same day.
  • Oudit will visit you in the morning of your surgery. If you have any further questions you would like to ask him prior to the operation, he would be most delighted to answer these for you. He will then place some marks on your chest. This is an integral part of the process. About 30-45 minutes prior to your operation you will picked up by friendly staff members and brought to the operating theatre suite.
  • Your operation will be done in a safe and caring manner respecting your dignity.
  • Your operation will involve removing the excess skin using various plastic surgical techniques with the elevation and re-positioning of the nipple.


  • You will be seen in the Outpatient’s clinic one week after your surgery. The dressings will be removed, and wounds inspected. You will then be seen the following week to ensure the wounds are healed and all is well. You will then be reviewed 3 months and then at 6 months later for the final time before discharge.


  • Operating Time: 60-120 mins
  • Anaesthetic: General Anesthesia (GA)
  • Hospital Stay: Day Case or 1 Night
  • Time off work: 2 weeks
  • Exercise: After 6 weeks
  • Driving: 3 – 4 weeks
  • Sexual Activity: 3 – 4 weeks
  • Full Recovery: 8 weeks